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When I was around 11-13 I had recurring dreams where me, and hundreds of other people, were running up a huge, rusty staircase that was underground. The staircase wasn't just really tall, it was huge in width, length, height, the size of a building. Everyone was trying to get to the top, which was above ground, but there was a ton of gunfire. There was someone or something shooting at all of us from below and I remember that every time I had this dream, most people died before they made it to the top. I actually never got to the top myself anytime that I had this dream. These stopped eventually but recently, at 15, I've been having dreams that are different, but have very similar themes. I had a few where I was at school, but the building was completely different, and everyone was running around in mass panic and people were getting massacred left and right and I was trying to find some sort of hiding place. I survived that dream everytime I had it. I also had a few dreams where I was in a public building (not school, more of a warehouse or office building) and there was something dangerous and deadly outside of the room I was in. Oddly enough the room looked like a room from my grandmother's house (where I'd lived when I was little). I was mostly safe but every couple hours I had to check the lock on the door because it was faulty and would unlock on its own. There were a few times in that dream where I was frantically trying to fix the door and lock it while someone else was trying to get it. These dreams are all quite different but everytime I'v had any of them I get that same scared panicky feeling that I don't really get anywhere else.

Sooo.... what does this mean?

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