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sorry for bad English at first. Guys i just woke up. I had disturbed dream, it was happening in my hause , me and my brother was playing games and listen to music . In fron of us there was been strange man with beard who just lookat us, he just look normal. Then my father come to me ,he said that

outside taxi waiting for him he gave me watch and put to my arm then he go ,i was so confused he leave the room. I come with him he were few metters far from doors .I stopped him and i say thanks and then when i tried to give him a hug he passed me and walk to doors.I was confused so i walk back to my room,then my father just said wait. I turned to my father when i looked at him his face had big scars and he didnt had his right eye it was just empty eye socked.We had eye contact for a moment then i woke up... guys can somebody tell me what was that im really upset. i really love my father i never said how i love him ,he is the most important person in my life.

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