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I'm almost 40, and one of the older kids from the neighborhood just passed away. From what I understand he was a good guy, but he was a few years older and I didn't know him all that well, and wasn't fond of his brother, who was my age.

My younger sister ended up going to the funeral, as she was more outgoing and knew his wife, one of the neighborhood girls closer to her age. Apparently some of the people at the funeral had asked about me, including one of the guys who had flown in for it.

The strange part is just the night before I had a dream, that guy that asked about me appeared in my dream, asked if I recognized him, and I was like yeah, and said his name, (older, but I knew it was him) we shaked hands and then I went on with the dream, always something to do, right. I knew this guy since elementary school but probably haven't thought of him since high school graduation. I find it so strange he shows up in my dream just then, right before he asks about me.

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