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Strange, I know.

I’ve had this dream before, or at least this part: I threw up needles and they were in a jar.

Second part/dream: IRL have quit smoking weed, so I recognize things are starting to reconnect. Dream: I am in law school, dressed in a black/grey dress with pockets, I have an empty bowl of weed visible from my pocket. College prof. walks by and tells me to leave class. Next scene: I’m being interviewed by people from CNN, and they tell me/threaten me they will reveal I smoked, to which I responded go ahead. Next scene: see prof walk to bathroom and talk to him about telling me to leave class. He allows me back in to wit I find a small, plastic container of leftover weeds.

What in the heck??? The throwing up needles really get me, I don’t get that at all.

Any ideas??

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