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Mixing orange and apple fizzy drinks?

Hi all

I had a dream last night where I had 2 cans of drinks. 1 was orange soda and the other 1 was apple soda (both the brand tango). In my dream I was at work and I thought the drinks were energy drinks, and I had 2 cans of actual energy drinks in the other room (this is true in real life), and asked myself why am I not drinking the monster ones?

I was pouring the apple soda into the orange can bit by bit and ferociously trying to drink it. I kept thinking to myself that I prefer the taste of the orange though, but continued to drink the apple mixed in. I was trying to finish them. But either way I was enjoying the taste and drink.

Then I woke up.

I can’t quite figure out what this means? I don’t know if someone gave me the drinks or I gave it to myself though.

Side note; every year we have a Valentine’s Day tradition where you eat a salt cookie the night before and if in your dream someone brings you a drink, that year you will meet someone. I do it most years and it’s ridiculously accurate. Last year I dreamt I poured myself a drink and it’s true that I met no one and focused on my self and trying to love myself. Year before I was in a bar with a man who wouldn’t buy me a drink but then a blonde woman turned up holding a drink and the man ran off and I kept looking for him. This played out in real life (not in a bar of course).

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