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This is one of my few dreams that stays in my head for a long time, unlike most of my dreams that I no longer remember after I woke up.

I am inside of my house with my father. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind started blowing, and the power went out. I went outside to witness some parts of our neighbors house started flying away, and then I saw a massive tornado from the distance. Even though it's night, I can still see it, like it is darker than the night, and it's somewhat stationary. I don't feel fear, but I was awestricken looking at the tornado.

I snapped out of it after a minute when I remember about my father. So I went back inside to wait the disaster out. After a while the gust of wind weakens, and some of our neighbors, including my cousin, came to my house for help, because my house is the only one less affected, and they are all wounded. We treated their wounds, and after that, I went upstairs to see what's going on outside. As I open the window, I am somehow overlooking a city from the distant. That city is also being ravaged by multiple massive tornadoes, and some parts of the city are on fire. And again, instead of feeling fear, or despair, I was awestricken, like I am watching something beautiful.

I am actually quite curious what this all means. Maybe someone here might have some ideas?

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