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I dreamt that I was getting married but to a guy I didn't know. I had my wedding dress on and he had some family there. We were out having photos taken, which included a large dog too (not sure if that was meant to be my dog). There were parts of the dream where I would be chatting with them and was mostly comfortable / happy. Then it dawned on me that this man, although I wanted to marry him then, maybe he wasn't a good person. I then started to feel a sense of panic because it was an awkward time to decide to start wondering if he was going to be horrible and untrustworthy. I tried to speak to one of the groomsmen (I think to ask if the actual wedding is a legal binding or just a show ceremony so to speak) but he went through a door that had so many bees around it that I couldn't get to him (I'm really scared of bees). I turned back and that way was also bee infested. I felt panicked and trapped by the bees. So I had to look up and I flew straight up. I know, a weird mixture! What does it mean? I'm single, late 30s, have had serious relationships in the past but been dating over the last 3/4 years - which has led me to some disappointing people. This is unlike any dream I've had before. Any interpretations?

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