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I never used to believe in reincarnation but my whole life I’ve had two reoccurring dreams which have made me believe. The most intense one is about me having a son. After many dreams about me having a son, the dream that finally made me consider reincarnation was this- that I was at my mom and dad‘s and the world seem to be ending-fire burnt their house and everything around us. I somehow survived. When I went outside walked into their backyard everything was black and singed and ashy. But there was a small Heap untouched. I walked up to it and instantly knew it was my son. A baby boy still wrapped in white. I grabbed him and held him and was inconsolable with emotions but I believed him to still be alive and in the dream I was crying I think in happiness believing he was still alive. I pulled him away from my chest to look at him and the baby looked demonic and screamed “ANALAH” and was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard. in the moment I felt fear and I woke up (real life) in a sweat terrified and crying overcome with sadness and fear. It was the middle of the night. As I sat there and thought about my dream trying to remember that it was a dream and not to be as upset as I felt, I remembered the word and I googled it. The first translation that came up was fire. It bothered me for days and I couldn’t stop thinking about it and feeling sadness from it. I’ve had many dreams since then about a little boy who I lost but in some dreams he is as old as 10 to 12. I never see or know in the dreams how I lose him but I know he was mine and he is no longer with me and I wake up with a great sadness.

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