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I created a mind-blowing Dream Interpreter

Hello!, I am the creator of a Dream Journal app called DreamKit(iOS, Android).

I launched the dream interpretation feature using cutting-edge AI technology. Initially, I was skeptical as dream interpretation is subjective and often lacks meaning. However, the results from my dream journal's AI-powered interpretation were surprising - it offered in-depth insights into my mind. Of course, I am biased about it because I am the one who created the app but I will appreciate it if you give it a try. I am VERY confident a lot of people will love this feature for sure. It's mind-blowing.

  1. Write a dream journal
  2. Tap the "book" button on the dream journal screen, then you will get the interpretation based on your input.

This is an example:

If you are doubtful, please check the reactions/comments on my post on r/Dreams. A lot of people loved it, sent me rewards, and they said they are blown. The mod of the subreddit even helped me by pinning the post. I promise you will like it too :). Please try!

I promise it's 100% free, with no sign-up needed, and no ads.

After trying the feature, any feedback and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you :)

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