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I’m currently travelling the world alone and 3 nights ago I had a bad dream that I had lost most Of my stuff in a drunken night and ended up somewhere completely different like a whole different country and continent , was in Europe and ended up in Washington DC or so I think to be exact and have only been there once before nor am I American. I was also with a prnstar rushing for a some kind of train for some reason and remember looking in an old duffel of bad of mine for my passport and finding it and thinking thank god I didn’t loose that. And then I don’t remember what happened but next thing My mother was there and she came to pick me up and we drove by a wooded area and then I woke up. The next night I had a weird dream in a weird world I can’t really remember or explain the first part but that part I do was with really big trees that were like parks and you could literally walk around on like they had a Forrest and park on th tree itself for some reason and I was walking my dog without a leash and then I came down and out of thiS really big tree bumped into some old people I knew from high school one who I was good with and the other not so much and then somehow ended up back in high school and seing old mates and teachers but the school and property was completely different I then get called in to one my coaches/teachers office talking about dnd (which I do enjoy and have had an interest in lately but haven’t really played that much I was more on the video game/movies side of things) there was also a bunch of jr football games being plaid outside which I did play in high school but I played varsity not jr. And then last night I had really weird dream of taking some strong prescription pills don’t know what they were but I did quite of abiT of those types when I was in my last 2 years of school but haven’t touched in years and have no interest in doing either I also didn’t really like it back then or ever had an addiction but In this dream I remember liking it then faking an injury and getting a prescription for it and then taking a bunch of them at once and then right away regretted it and thought what am I doing and then my heart started racing like if I were to overdose or something which is not something I’ve ever gotten close to doing. So I gave them to my mom and told her to dispose of them and she asked where I got them and I told her the doctor then woke up really quickly and fell right back asleep into another dream where I was with old friends from high school and my ex who I regretted dumping but I haven’t spoken to her or seen her in years and dreamed about getting back with her and hooking up with her while we’re hiking up to a living room to go watch a movie with the friend group an old stranger and some parents who i didn’t know we’re jus that they had a kid who wrecked my gaming chair but the gaming chair was also abit different for some reason and then woke up . Can anybody interpret this or am I just having weird dreams. Little side note I smoke pot regularly back home so I don’t usually remember my dreams but I haven’t been smoking for a while now cause I’m travellin so I can remember them but they’re not usually this messed up when I take breaks especially not 3 nights in a row. Just wondering if someone can interpret.

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