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dreaming about strange white building that i’m in it and that someone i hate loved me ?

Ok so first of all general information: there is this k-idol (singer) that I used to love (not in romantic way) but after I found out that he did bad things now I hate him like hell…

here’s the dream : white walls and white floors on what looks like a huge empty place (not home) , with huge/medium circular object that is part of the building , it was like object that you and many others can sit in it (now that i think of it , it looks really similar to their album cover…) , the lighting was day , there wasn’t doors in the place . when i somehow came into this building (idk how) i saw him sitting like he’s waiting by his own , he’s wearing what looks like maybe a suit , then he approached me and tried to flirt with me and he was sort of in love with me and my thoughts were that the situation was really strange…

What does it mean?

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