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Dreaming about smoking and fire meaning?

I have had multiple dreams about smoking cigarettes. Sometimes the main focus of the dream is the cigarette itself, and sometimes it’s just a thing that my dream self does, such as last night.

Also, last night I dreamt about fire. The dream itself was intact very very long, and the fire was just one part of it, but essentially there was a building on fire, but it was weird bc it was like dangerously on fire, but more of an act. There was a women’s rights movement thing going on that was covered up by setting the building on fire and then turning it into a fire informatics thing? Idk, the point is that the fire was not dangerous in any way, and me and the other dream characters were actively wandering through the building.

But, cigarettes were present throughout the entire dream. From the beginning where i stole a cigarette and lighter from my old boarding school dean (I also had an asthma attack beforehand, my dream even included an inhaler) to towards the end where I lit my cigarette in the fire of the building.

I don’t smoke, I’ve never smoked before. Any interpretations?

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