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 So i had this dream last night, i was at work (a local bar/casino) and my coworkers and my family had planned a surprise birthday party for me and my boss allowed me to bring my pets to work that day, two dogs and a cat. Nothing strange until this part except for the fact that the dream takes place on a snowy/rainy winter day and my actual birthday is in summer and the fact that i don’t own any of those pets in real life. My work place has two entrances, but in this dream there were three. Now it gets to the almost creepy part. As everyone is having fun i take one of the dogs to a back room where i find some sort of surgery table with a body on it, but as i turn to leave completely freaked out by the discovery, the guy gets up claiming he’s not dead and he’s only the doctor performing the surgery. I don’t listen to him and i just bolt it out, slamming the door behind me. At this point i wanna go outside to clear my head, but as i approach the door i notice something beyond disturbing. Hundreds of stray cats were unaliving their kittens in the middle of the street and they were dropping their little bodies in front of all three entrances, forming these huge piles that were blocking the doors. I try telling people, but no one seemed to hear me, except for the strange doctor guy. I kept backing away as he was trying to get closer, until my back hit a wall. He had this very shady grin on his face. And right before waking up he said something to me, something that seemed important, but i can’t remember what it was. Can somebody please explain to me what this means? I just can’t shake off this strange feeling. 
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