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So I fell asleep downstairs last night on the sofa, this morning my parents get up and I'm still sleeping. My mum further along the same sofa, my dad on the other one.I should firstly state that neither of my parents swear, even when enraged.

I'm awoken by my dad's voice.

"Get up you fucking (slur)"

What the hell? I open my eyes to find the room empty.

Then I awake again to my mum saying something similar, and yet again, I open my eyes and the room is empty. In fact, the whole house is silent.

This goes on and on, until eventually I enter a dream. I'm alone in these woods with a river, and then my dad appears. At first he's calling out to me, and I approach he seems normal but becomes increasingly hostile. I soon realise that this isn't actually my dad, it's something evil, and I run. It then appears before me again, this time it impersonates my mum, again, first acting normal but showing it's true form when I grow suspicious. I flee, find my parents but no longer trust them as i grow more lucid so I'm acting paranoid and I run and they call the police. The valley narrows into a Gorge as I flee until I can no longer escape the cops, all the while I'm fleeing that fucking thing more than the cops. I wake up, and my parents are home again.

This thing felt like Freddie fucking Krueger and it was messing with me before I was even dreaming.

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