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TW: gunshots, NSFW

Apologies in advance for the long post.

just woke up from an apocalyptic dream. I saw the entire world go up in shambles via massive earthquakes and tsunamis. I remember a few things vividly, me and mum getting separated from my dad and siblings. And mum and I getting stranded. I’m scared.

It is weird because we were living close to a beach (which we do not) and from there it began. We witnessed such bad tsunamis and then make up our mind to leave to the airport (I don’t even know why and how that would help). This is where mum and I get separated from the others. We take off, and later someone starts firing shots. We’re all scared. Luckily no one gets hurt and eventually that person is gone from the flight.

Then i see something malfunctions with it and we all are stranded to some weird land and are trying to figure out where we are. I remember being a group of 4-5 women and we were getting attacked, our safety was at stake. I try defending us. As soon as I saw that, I woke up.

(I see a lot of loopholes in this but I saw what I saw. It may sound funny, but living through that was fkn intense. All of my dreams are that way and vivid. I usually can’t remember most of them but from the past couple of days I’ve been able to remember. I woke up with baaad anxiety)

I looked this up and found this article.

Has anyone had a similar dream? I never have had an apocalyptic dream.

Still reeling from everything I saw. Especially the feeling that it leaves behind. I feel scared and unsafe.

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