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A dream that sticked a bit too much.

First off all, something worth taking into consideration is that I've recently been taking an interest in deities and the worship of their likes for personal growth. I also used to be on a lucid dream journey I gave up on when I started having nightmares that I awoke from screaming.

Onto the dream;

It start off as me hanging out with other people that I have very much never seen before, minus one in particular. The group has split a bit- We were all in my childhood kitchen and a girl randomly stated she wanted to communicate with spirits. I felt very aware and in control and chose to ignore and let them do their things.

For some reason, the contact was instantaneous and the girl got possessed. The entity wasted no time to lock focus on me. I will always remember what it said, it still haunt me; "You have potential." For some reason, in my dream, I understood this as them talking about the paranormal. So I answered very bluntly that I was not interested at the moment. It seemed understanding and instead proceeded to warn me about not opening doors. Stating "He's outside." Now I have no idea who is he and when I asked, the thing acted very dramatically. "You don't believe me!" it has exclaimed and I still remember how it acted so dramatically, leaning back a bit with the back of their hand on their forehead.

I was quick to say that I do believe it, I just want to know who is he. Because if I'm to be warned of something, I'd like to know what it is I must avoid. Well, the thing didn't answer and instead proceeded to go on and talk about a random story.

This is where the dream seem to go back to a regular dream. During the entire story, we just get to watch as it's being told. Until we're now apart of the story. It was about kitten being sent to space after being experimented on. They were at risk of exploding and we needed to catch them. I followed a girl to chase after one of the kitten. I was not planning on opening any doors despite many door being lined up to our right, the warning still very fresh in my mind. The girl I was following, on the other hand- seemed interesting in the last door we saw and reached to open it. I rushed over to stop her but she entered and I followed behind.

And I guess the warned was for the man that was in this room- The entire room was lit in red, a man was sitting on a sofa. He spoke but I don't recall what he was saying, all I know is that I felt immediately uneasy and rushed out with the girl. As we ran, I was following her and everywhere we'd go, he would be there.

After two happening, I decided to tell her to follow me. I instinctively knew I needed to be the one leading to get rid of him finding us. I had no idea where we were going. But we made it out and regrouped with the group and the entity.

The last thing I remember is the proud expression on the entity's face before waking up with a name in mind and the phrase "You have potential" still incredibly fresh in my mind. I ended up reaching out to the person who's name I had in mind. She was doing wonderful and way better then last time I talked with her! I was proud, to be honest.

So- With all this. I'm open to interpretation as it's still something that haunt my mind and I can't shake off. No, I'm not being haunted and I can confirm I'm safe.

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