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A dream I had, wrote what I remembered shortly after:

Something dangerous is going on, I am in a building waiting to go to a tower, where people are singing to appease something. I am sent by the leader, an older man, to go to this family’s home and spy on them for a reason I can’t remember. I somehow end up in a rich family’s house and I am seen as less than them, because I am a servant or something else. I am assigned to work with the leader’s daughter, she is my age. We talk and she shows me a motorcycle she built herself, there is a side car. We ride in it over a large field. Once we get back we talk more, we are falling in love. Her father finds out and assigns me to work with the nuclear reactor, in this scene her father tells her that I was sent as a spy, which I was. She is angry at me, but also at her father. Most of her is family outside and she locks the door, with only me and her in it. We talk, she becomes less angry and begins to sing the song that played while we were on the motorcycle. This is forbidden as well, her family notices and tries to get in the door but it stays shut. We escape, but we are caught between to worlds, her world of the rich and mine of the bitter poor.

FYI: This was written by me at some unreasonable hour of the morning so excuse the bad writing, I don’t want to change it and lose some of the original meaning.

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