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A dream about plane turbulence and heading to Jupiter, what could it mean?

I regularly dream about being on a plane and issues arising on the flight. These dreams never end badly but I wake up feeling uncomfortable and tired. This time, in the dream, I was on a plane and there was very bad turbulence. I was standing during the turbulence and didn't even try to sit down.

The captain talked to us and said we need to land on a planet for a bit till the cause of the turbulence subsided. I said we should land on jupiter because it's a great planet and I personally needed some of its luck to rub off on me. Almost all the passengers agreed it was the best planet for us to land on and the captain said okay.

While the plane was heading to jupiter, it was still jolting around, but I was still standing and so were many of the passengers. I was imagining jupiter being a beautiful planet with a mix of different purple and pink shades. I was imagining standing on it while its energy, which seemed like purple dust, would flow around me and into me.

The dream ended there and I woke up kinda annoyed that dream cut off there. Any ideas how to interpret this dream?

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