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What type of dreaming did I dream? And what do I do if I dream it comes back again

I’m not sure if this will help but ill explain my sleep schedule of that day I usually stay up till 12, latest up to 2 but yesterday I decided I would take nap at 5 and ended up waking up at 11pm. I stayed awake and had something to eat before going back to sleep at 2, I then woke up to should of my mom calling my name and opening the door, I woke and found it odd since I remember clearly that I had locked the door before going to sleep, I then realized that my room looked similar to how my room looked like when I first moved into my home 5yrs ago just the furniture was the same as the ones I just recently bought. I looked around and then saw mouses running around to then find a web of mouses behind my desk that against the corner of my wall, I ran to tell my mom and she said nothing but then I just said oh my cat can just take care of it when I knew in my mind that I no longer had a cat since 7 yrs ago. I was very confused so I sat on my bed but then got off to turn to it and saw my dog curled up,she died 1 yr ago. At that moment I said out loud this is a dream, this isn’t real. I blinked, now I’m laying on my bed, I try to get up but I can’t I saw my room as it should be but I still couldn’t get up, then things started to get blurry as I felt fragments of that dream coming back like the yellow paint on my wall when it should be white and my mom opening the door. I then hear a video playing on my iPad next to me on side table (I was playing a video on my phone before going to sleep) I start thinking ii want to wake up, then I closed my eyes and then open agin to see my room how it is irl rn. But I still can’t move, I see shadows but I knew it was nothing and thought to myself that shouldn’t be afraid, I then tried to force mmy body to move but as I kept forcing, I felt and saw shadow covering my eyes, I then stop and kept repeated doing that at least 4 times until I finally woke up. It was 4am so I ended having to go back to sleep, I couldn’t fall back to sleep properly bc every time I closed my eyes a bunch of scary thing would pop up even if I just tried to imagine cute things or my dog, I did somehow ended up falling asleep but all day I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a daze and that I’m still in a dream, just writing this rn is making me feel dizzy and trippy, idk what’s going on 🤷‍♀️

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