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What does it mean when I have a dream where I go back in time?

I’ve had a couple dreams where I’ve gone back in time to the years prior to 2018, the years being 2015-2017 but I believe they’re mostly dreams where I’m in the year 2017.

The dreams usually don’t occur in places where I’m familiar, like the first dream I remember having I was in a school I didn’t recognize but realized I was back in the year 2017, and the one I had last night it could’ve been between 2015-2017.

But my dream from last night involved one person I am very close to, and we were going to the same high school in the state he’s from (won’t disclose for personal reasons) but I can only assume my brain was creating the image of the school as I’ve never seen his high school.

But both dreams all I know is that when I found out I was there in the year prior to 2018, my brain’s only thought was that “maybe I can stop him from meeting/dating Tex (fake name).”

I want to add that Tex was a very toxic person to the person I am close to, although the person I am close to wasn’t too nice to me in the past and Tex was his karma.

Is there a reasoning behind this? Or the reoccurring theme? I know dreams have a scientific and spiritual meaning, and I’ve heard that dreams that you remember are ones that are sending you a message or something.

Please help? It’s been on my mind all day

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