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Two really weird dreams last night

  1. An old friend I haven’t seen or talked to since high school tries to set me up on a date with one of my Twitter mutuals. He can’t talk with an inside voice though, so he ends up telling half the room and we get in a physical fight over it. We don’t seem to have any hard feelings over it because we went to Tae Kwon Do together and used to do that shit all the time, but then the dream just…ended.

  2. The next dream involved me traveling to Peshawar, Pakistan (a place and country I have no personal or cultural connection to at all, it’s just the first place my brain thought of I guess) and stealing money from like a charity bin. I went back home for a while, but then for some reason I went all the way back out there (I’m American so that’s halfway across the world) and stole from the bin again. The second time, I had to use Cal Kestis’s force slow ability on the civilians on the street in order not to be stopped (I have no idea how this didn’t make me lucid) I have no idea why I was actually there either time because I didn’t end up stealing that much money, but when I came back to the states, I realized I was being hunted by the FBI for a transnational theft scheme. Then I woke up.

What do these mean?

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