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Three dreams I had as a child that I vividly remember

I had three dreams that I vividly remember from my childhood (pretty sheltered and comfortable one).

  1. ⁠I was sleeping at my grandma’s house and slept alone in a room for the first time ever. In the middle if the night, I dreamt that I woke up and looked at the cieling. I then looked at a painting hung above my bed that I remember thinking was creepy right before going to bed.

When I tried to move, I found out I couldn’t. I was paralysed. I started panicking and tried wiggling around without any success before wondering wether or not I was dead. A while later, I woke up and was immensely relieved to find out I was normal again.

2) I had this next dream twice, with the only difference being in the details.

My entire family (Mum, Dad, and my two little sisters) and I were kidnapped by a villain/bad guy. I don’t remember what he looked like, but he was always in the shadows and only partly showed his face. This guy brought us to an indoor swimming pool filled with blood located in some sort of cave.

He then proceeded to murder my entire family infront of me, one by one. I then escaped by crawling through an opening that I had noticed before running frantically through a street full of poor Indian people begging me for money.

When the villain screamed while trying to get me, I was tripped up by a wooden stick. The villain then caught up with me, and then I woke up.

3)I was on holiday with a bunch if tourists before everyone was kidnapped and taken to an indoor swimming pool (a normal one) with two massive sharks in it. One by one, we were then forced to jump in and escape them for as long as we could.

I remember seeing a couple consoling each other before the woman was forced to jump in and was ripped to shreds. When my turn came, I dived in and tried to escape the sharks, managing to do so for quite a while before being eaten. (I don’t remember the sharks eating me, I just remember them biting into me and me waking up)

Important note on this one: This was at the age where my parents were putting a lot if pressur on me to get into a proper swimming club (instead of just taking lessons every week) and do competitions.

I would very much appreciate any kind of explanation on these dreams because they have been an enigma to me for my entire life.

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