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This set of dreams made me question myself

I been having some weird dreams lately while I normally dream about cars, mechs, transformer,gundams or apocalypse. but as of recently I for some reason dream have been about me being a female pokemon (I'm a male) but I'm not like those pokemon you see on TV or the trading cards it's more like the rule 34 style of pokemon and well I have sex with male pokemon and trainers. let's see I can remember that I been a gardevoir and a Lopunny and lucario and zoroark are the ones that I can remember. And the events that happen are so realistic that I can feel stuff like the dick entering me or the cum inside me or going down my throat or the tight leather of the bunnysuit I wore in the dream or the fabric of the maid outfit I wore. I don't understand why I would dream that stuff and I can actually feel stuff in the dream welp that's what my dreams have been of. I'm up for interpretations if you want I just been questioning myself a lot

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