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I've been dreaming about having different kinds of swords. It's like I've collected them. None of them had a scabbard. Here are the ones that I remember:

First one was a plastic sword; yellow blade and pink hilt.

Second one was another plastic sword; blue blade and pink hilt.

Third one was a short sword with a curved tip, like the shape of an aries' horn.

Forth one was a katana with a long black blade with green waves painted on.

Fifth one was a normal katana.

Sixth one was the only one that had a scabbard. Looked like a katana, the scabbard was simple but beautiful. Probably made of fine beechwood and the blade was white as bone.

Seventh one was a long sword with a black hilt and a silver blade. This one came to me in another dream with the other ones.

The third, sixth and seventh one were the ones I had much joy wielding. As I wielded the third and the sixth together, shouting out of my lungs and running through the room. And wielding the seventh one with admiration and pride.

I'm personally very fond of swords, there was a shadow sword in my childhood that made me overcome my fear of the dark. But what could this all mean?

I'll be very thankful if someone could interpret it for me.

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