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Can't remember much but bits and pieces. Setting was something from a really early time, like B.C Era early. Houses in the dream were real old, dirt paths, sky was almost dark like someone had placed a filter over everything. The dream would play out and right before the dream would end its like I knew it was about to end, for instance i would be in the dream seeing it first person then right before it would end i would switch to a 3rd person view of the dream and i would see it like a movie reel. I would see this double open ended pottery jar begin to suck the dream into it kind of like when Master Roshi used the Evil containment wave and I would appear right back in the same spot that I was when the dream first started and it would replay the same thing once again word for word and action for action. Except it's like the setting got darker each time it happened. Dream, watch the jar suck it in then a replay of the dream again. This happened about 5 or 6 times and each time it just got darker and darker before I finally woke up. Never had a loop dream quite like this in one dream cycle before. if that's what it even was.

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