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this dream perspective was from a random man from me it might sound lame but it was scary to think this happen i have been lately playing some marvel games and in my dream me and family had mephisto, ultron, abomination, caged in some sort of spell the theme of dream was dark and it was night its just started outta nowhere and i thought what is going on but i followed the dream my mother was sleeping in the couch and the spell caged multi dimensional beings were caged their, mephisto said to me: i'm gonna kill all of you(sounds every typical but was scary for me in the dream considering that i thought its real) he said your mother is already dieing, open the cage or i'll kill everyone. i knew that he would still kill us typical villain. so i tried to get my mother away from this place but she barely got away the theme of dream getting darker and scarier me and my sister thought we gonna run after breaking the spell but when i used the methods to break spell and it was like start breaking my mother came talking to her friend( man i was scared since spell could have broke any time and kill us all) this time i took her on a room and somehow teleported her on some safer place but couldnt teleport me and my sister💀 but and my sister saw the the place where they were sealed and it broke with a blast we run through the staires up to the house and hide their i said 'i saw someone while running away' to my sister. then slowly i saw abomination coming after us we didnt had any power we were scared like a citizen then i remember that my neighbour had a destroyer( yeah i totally never knew this but i went with my dreams story plot) its the destroyer from asgard i called him by whistle he handled abomination for a time and their were more of ultron's soldier and then....ultron somehow started controlling destroyer and many more destroyers then some of my friends came with small superpowers they tried to fight his soldier finally theme of dream got epic (but i was still scared of mephisto since i dont see him anywhere) then i thought if they have power why i dont somehow i thought please thor powers pls i got mjolnir i tried to attack one of destroyer it was kind of lucid dream but not fully i was losing fight but i said no lol and attacked with more lighting more power i saw mephisto breaking through everywhere laughing it was scary and then FUK MY DREAM JUST ENDED I WOKE UP man i hate that i wanted more

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