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Please help me with my dream. This is my first post ever and I’m very interested in what people can interpret from this.

Hello everyone!! I constantly have dreams whether it’s 1 or 3 dreams a night. Sometimes i don’t have dreams. Im looking forward to buying a dream journal because I forget details a lot. Hopefully my grammar isn’t too bad or repetitive words in one area. I hope you all can understand the scenario. If you can’t interpret, that’s okay I enjoy sharing my dreams.

I’m In a weird lobby with checkerboard like tiles and tall pillars to hold the ceiling. Has 2-3 different entrances and everything is tannish marble colored walls. I see my mom running away with a gun from a stranger in all black, possibly a robber? Suddenly another person in all black appeared in the direction she’s running and she shoots them down. I have already struck the guy from behind her in the head with a wooden plank but she was so frightened they’ll catch her and she turned around and aimlessly shot me instead right at the heart. I scream in pain and she looks at me with bulging eyes and keeps on running away. I’m on my knees, holding my chest and lifting up my shirt to see the wound. Luckily the gunshot didn’t penetrate all the way to my heart, somehow my boob fat made it hard to travel but now it looks like i have a spreading disease of some kind. Any vessel that was erupted is dark blood clots all through my veins on my left side of my chest. I barely make it outside and it’s so cold. I hold pressure but it hurts so much everytime i let go i gush so much more blood. I see kais mom coming out her double parked car asking if I’m okay as she sees me on the floor. I can’t even say a word, i just wince in pain. Kai helps me up and carefully puts me in the car, he tries to hide the fact that i got shot but she insists on knowing what’s going on. We tell her i got shot and shes so worried she asks to see it and i show her my chest. She’s yelling out of shock and telling us to hurry so she can take me to the hospital. The back seat door slams and instantly I drift into another room. A different scene in my dream. I’m in a bathroom with all my clothes on and I have my coat on which I didnt before. I turn on the shower but I don’t know where I am or who’s bathroom I’m in. I yank my coat off and forgot that I was still shot earlier. How can I recall that? Took all my clothes off and put it on a hanger, I didn’t even go to the hospital…the bullet is still right there in my skin. “Fuck it, I’m still alive I’m still okay” I whisper to myself as I get in the tub. For some reason the tub was flooding but there was nothing stopping the drainer from being blocked off. I look down at my chest as the hot shower washes the blood down my body. My veins look worse, black and disease looking around the bullet. I honestly don’t know what to do. From the corner of my right eye I realize that the tub is about to overflow. How odd to find a yellow rag blocking the drainage when nothing was there before. I remove the rag and the most bizarre thing happened. The water went down drastically but it’s as if someone has coughed up more water from the drain itself and back into the tub. The water doubled its level and im one second away from having the entire bathroom being flooded. I look at the drain, what could have possibly make this happen? Out of nowhere the water turns pitch black. I can’t see anything, as if I’m floating on my shins. I gasp in fear and turn off the shower but now water is splashing and swaying back and forth from my aggressive movements. I jump out the shower and press against the bathroom door so tightly. My clothes fall on the wet floor and my coat drops into the overflowing bathtub. I see the water still swishing back and forth and drowning my coat to the bottom. I see lights and sparks from the water as if it’s alive, like if it was attacking my coat. That could’ve been me.. I would’ve been fried meat!! “What in the world is going on?!” I ask myself. I get dress in a hurry, all I feel is danger in the air. I try to be as quiet as a mouse, I don’t hear anything on the other side of the door. I take a small peep, I’m in someone’s apartment. The bathroom is by a long hallway, I see the apartment door right across from the bathroom. I want to escape so fast, i unlock all the locks but I was so curious to see who’s apartment this is. I slowly walk near the entrance of the living room, it’s bright and the sun is gleaming through the Windows.. I felt something or someone watching me so I stay by the living room entrance, i jolt in pain from the bullet wound which made me lose focus. “Let me get the frick out of here!!” I swing open the front door and see that it’s dark outside. Didn’t i just see sunlight in the apartment? How am I in a dingy alley? What kind of layout was that? What kind of sick games is this? Is someone pulling a joke on me? More importantly where am I and why can’t i find a single person?? I look around and see that it must’ve rained a while ago, everything’s wet and a few trash cans are tumbled over. I hear a rumble and strong wind blowing in my direction, crumbled newspaper and plastic bags swirling and brushing by me feet. I see a odd blue translucent light appear from the top corner of the building ahead of me on the right side of me. I’m scared to move or go anywhere. The blue light is coming closer but I don’t know what it is or what it means. I wake up to hearing my baby cry. His diaper needed to be changed. 
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