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Physically painful dreaming-experience I had just now

It is 3AM right now. I just woke up from this dream, and I just have to write this down somewhere I can get an explanation on what the f this was. It might not be extremely weird, but I've never experienced this before.

Some context first. I am currently in another country for a few weeks taking a short university course, and this is the second weird dream experience I have had here so far. The first one was about two weeks ago. That was my very first sleep paralysis ever. It was not extreme in any way. I could just feel that I was in my bed, lying in an unnatural position, and unnable to move. However, I didn't feel the presence of anyone else being in my room with me, and I managed to break out of the sleep paralysis and wake up fairly quickly. So I would guess that was a very mild sleep paralysis, but still weird since it never happened to me before.

Now for this night. I dreamt I was on a trip here in the country I am in currently with my classmates. We were in some sort of theme park. While there, many in my class tried out this contraption where you stood on some hovering plates, and were then propelled around very fast up and down and in circles, in a set path. I remember it clearly, but it is very hard to explain in words. The closest thing I can compare it with, in terms of what it looked like to ride it, is the star cannon in Rainbow road. So because many in my class had tried it, and said it was very fun, I decided to try it. But when it started, I immediately started feeling a very intense pain in the area between my right testicle and my thigh. So I was riding this weird futuristic theme park attraction while screaming in pain. And I could really feel this pain. In my dream I thought my clothes in that area were on too tightly, and that the contraption was giving me a sort of wedgie. But I was just stuck, and could to nothing but sit there and take the pain. I don't know how long it lasted, it felt like a minute or something, before I started realising I was in my bed, however still stuck in the dream and feeling the pain. After not very long I managed to wake up. The pain, that had felt so real, was away immediately, replaced by a small numb feeling (and nothing even close to a wedgie-situation with my underwear). I was 100% sure I awoken everyone in the house with how much I was screaming, but it seemed I had been totally silent. One of the cats in the house was sleeping peacefully in the bed with me, so I had not done anything to alert him atleast.

Has anyone experienced something similar to this, or know if there is a word for this type of phenomenon? It all just felt too real. I could really feel the pain, and I felt myself screaming my lungs out in pain the entire time. I will try to sleep again now, so I will see when I wake up in a few hours if anyone has replied to this. Good night🥴

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