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My dreams are becoming more distorted

My first dream today I’ve was in a weird place with friends I don’t know , I had friends in my dream altho I don’t have any friends irl. We were going to a hotel and there were a bunch of slides , this one person goes and falls down in some underground area where I thought they were stuck , then out of no where they jumped back to the surface to scare us. Meanwhile in that dream we were going to an airport and this airport had atleast a very big space with a lot of silver ish looking lights and light purple lights on the escalators . I guess I figuring out what to wear and I just had my pajamas on next ive ran into a weird motel that looked strange and got stuck in the middle of nowhere . There were scary looking dogs and foxes outside that don’t do harm they’re actually friendly. The clouds started to look more gloomy and there was rain the ground looked like mars like, the ground was basically like a red orange desert . There were a few turquoise blue ponds with tropical flowers and bright green grass next to the small motel. Inside this motel had a Tv with Japanese subtitles and the screen was neon blue with static noises , there was someone playing a sort of Tetris game on there and I was falling asleep in my dream feeling bored lol. Next after that scene I went to the airport again and we were going to drive instead of taking a plane instead , The sky kept changing colors and there was a big storm , We ended up in New York with not knowing what to do there everyday decided maybe we should just look around and go shopping or just wait around there . We were in a big hotel with alot of weird stores in the lobby where ppl make dresses and clothes , Another dream earlier I was in a different hotel in LA it looked like a modern all white floors and walls and some purple lights on the ceiling there were a bunch of glass windows and random friends and I were watching Serial Experiments Lain on TV, there was a hot tub in the hotel as well with pink and purple beds the hotel was playing breakcore and atmosphere drum n bass techno music where was the best part of my dream. Until that everything start to become blurry and can’t remember where we were I ended up. Sadly I didn’t know how to lucid dream in my dream this time I kinda just went with the flow of the dream Unfortunately I woke up after and that was all

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