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I’m forced to become pregnant.. twice??

Okay so. Yesterday I woke up after having 3 vivid dreams (I woke up after each of them) and I remembered the last one was about my family being half mermaid (which I watched a show about so that made sense).

But at some point an unknown uncle showed up, with a kid that was apparently mine and my fiancés-

Note: I do not have a fiancé. I am a 21 y/o student with a “it’s complicated” dating status (meaning we broke up last week).

-when I told my family that I did not have a kid, they started saying I should have one?? I have never been had this or anything similar happen to me ever. No one I know expects me to have kids. When I said no to the family they stopped immediately.

I thought that was it, but today I woke up having dreamed about me and another girl dating the same guy and I was supposed to carry the child?? Again?? I was stuck in a supermarket with just baby products like baby shampoos and bottles and diapers.

I DONT EVEN WANT TO BE PREGNANT. I don’t even know if I ever want to have kids. The subject of wanting kids hasn’t been on my mind in weeks, months?

I’m beyond bamboozled.

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