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I had dream where the East coast of USA was in trouble.

I had a dream that we were in trouble.

The premise was that the 2nd layer of the earth was breaking through some parts and causing minor earthquakes. Nothing to worry about but as the lava came closer the reservoirs of water started to heat up and become geysers. It happens anywhere but mostly it blew up toilets.

I was at a funeral and it happened. I got my parents out and my bf and I drove as fast we could to get off of long Island with just the clothes on my back. I took them to a random rich person's house. I snuck in but overcome by hunger I found a treat platter in the maid's areas. Started munching and then got caught. Dragged out by the arm. Yelled at by the owner.

I then found the daughter and explained what was happening. I look out the window at their pool and realized, I can prove it.

Anyone of these drains in a few minutes will be erupting with hot water. The maid and the owner of the house were there. It happened. My theory was correct. The tectonic plates were shifting in such a way as to allow this to happen.

We ran back to the house. Their house is on the water. All of sudden I hear the honking of a large boat. They came right to this person's dock. They said long Island is destroyed. There are no more houses. All of them exploded because of hot water.

They thanked the rich man for letting them dock there and I said it still happening. It's moving inland. We have to get somewhere safer and away from the shore. He had tons of people on the boat and more followed him into the dock.

We led a rescue effort to get these people to safety. My parents later came into the house and said how did you know. I didn't know I just had a feeling. We then went further inland to my bf's house and we stayed there since they don't have any reservoirs of water under them they were safe and higher up in the mountains.

We held it out until the reservoirs were clear. No more water. Took a look at the destroyed childhood home just decimated. Tried to salvage anything we could from my parent's house. Max was safe!

He was hiding under a fallen down tree and ran to me. I told him I would never leave him behind again. He had burns from the hot water but he was OK. That's the end of my dream.

I just wrote this in ten minutes because I didn't want to forget. Hope you enjoy my weird dream that ended mostly well.

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