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I had a dream that I was harassed by a demon.

(Sorry, english is not my firts language).

I was trying to sleep, but he kept hugging, stoping me from moving and putting his hands on my body, on my breats. I was shocked, asking him to stop, to let me go. I tried do invoke satan, most powerful demon, to stop him, I got it one time, but he started it again later. At some time I could not move any way, like a sleep paralysis.

I ran to my mom's bedroom, ansking her to help me, while I held the door so him could not enter. We tried to invoke satan, but he were not responding. The demon tried to fool me to get into the room, saying i forgot my pillows, but I did not believed him.

I had fear, but did not felt the anguish I normally have on my nightmares (which I have a lot). I was more of scared because of being touched and glued on while I could do nothing. He was invisible all the time.

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