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I dreamed my Dad was crazy religious.

My group of 6 friends and I were walking up to a barren shopping center. It was daytime, nothing seemed off at all. We entered one of the buildings and I suddenly knew we were doing a sort of roleplay escape house type thing. We went through a couple rooms (it ended up being a bit fast paced and blurry) and we were suddenly at the end.

We checked out the shops and it was as if it was all abandoned. Anything could be taken because no one worked here. No one would work here and no one cared.

As we exited the building and started across the parking lot, I saw a bus that had flipped over. My dad( 6ft.) was there, crawling out a window and he looked hurt. I( 5ft5) looked over again and saw a clone of my dad, pinned under the bus. Again I looked over and saw my dad, perfectly fine, leaning against the bus.

He walked towards me and said "Don't worry. They're just holograms. I needed to get your attention" I didn't understand but I walked up to him. He hugged me tight and casually turned me around so my back was against the bus and his hands were on my arms, not holding me but I knew if I moved, his grip would tighten on my arms.

"Did it come to you? Please tell me it did." He spoke calmly but his eyes were wide, he was a bit shaky and there was a note of panic to his voice. "I don't know what you mean" I replied. He closed his eyes momentarily and shook his head, looked at me and shook me a bit. "What's HIS name? You're old enough. It should have come to you.

I suddenly knew he was talking about God. My father is the type of religious to where it makes him both racist and homophobic. I shook my head "I don't know." I was scared of him. He shook me again, a bit more violently. "If you don't know, your soul is damned and there's nothing I can do to help you. You have to know". He seemed to be getting more impatient, he gripped my arms harder, his body was shaking a bit more and he looked almost furious. All I wanted to do was get away.

And then I woke up.

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