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I been consistently having a dream in the same "town" for as long as i can remember

So, not literally every night, but every so often for as far as i can remember, literally since i was like a 6 or 7 year old. It primarily takes place in this slowly expanding town of no name. Usually the way the way to get to this place was to start at my grandparents house, and instead taking the turn to the real life town i grew up in, you turn the opposite direction and drive down the road that way for a short but indefinite amount of time. The town slowly has been growing. There are things like a Soccer Stadium, a downtown district, some restaurants, my childhood home, and some other things. Its weird because this type of thing seems like it would be something a little kid would dream about, and i would assume since in nearing 20 that these dreams would have stopped nearly a decade ago, but they still occasionally pop up. Does anyone else have these type of dreams, and or know what they could mean?

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