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I dreamed of a stage adaptation of Green Eggs and Ham—but this time you can participate too. Invitation to this ride is through a special ticket and after showing it to the employee, you stick yourself on some bubblegum on a wall while waiting for the show to begin. Then we were brought onto a ‘stage’ to introduce ourselves—and then the ride began.

It was all about Sam singing the Green Eggs and Ham song, but between pages the scenery would change and we all had to adapt to it. Like one day it would be a cybernetics robotic lab; the next a volcanic pit full of red-hot ‘lava’. The fun was quickly adapting to these environments and playing around with them.

At the end of the ride we had 10 seconds to get to the side of the stage before we bow and exit through the door. Then we do it all again!

I woke up.

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