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Gabapentin Dreams: 1 (Morbid Cabin)

I was recently prescribed gabapentin and it’s giving my already wild dreams an even more vivid feeling as well as improving my memory of them. I’d be interested to hear what anyone may think they could mean on a spiritual level, even if I mostly believe it’s just my medicated brain going haywire.

I was walking in a forest with trees so tall the tops of them were shrouded by fog. After a moment of walking, I came upon a cuckoo clock on one of the trees, and sat on top of the clock was a crow watching me. Nearby I spotted a large pond. I rolled up my pant legs and waded into the water, only to spot something underwater and pull it out to find it was a silver crucifix.

As if summoned by the extraction, a tall, pale, and rotting man with a malformed face rose from the pond and began approaching me. I turned and ran back through the woods to a very well-maintained cabin with many rooms and multiple levels. I went inside to find the place decorated in an old vintage style, but something about it seemed off in a way that I cannot describe.

As I walked around the cabin looking for safety from the corpse, I opened a door to a dark room that had chairs sat in a circle, and on each chair was the deformed and grotesque carcass of bears and deer. They all turned to look at me with bulging white eyes, and I quickly shut the door and left to climb a set of stairs that lead to a long and narrow hallway. At the end, was a small square door to the attic that I proceeded to crawl through.

Next to the door on the inside was a padlock and a ring of keys, which I flipped through to locate the one that belonged to the lock. I then locked the small door and went around the attic pulling curtains closed. The attic was massive with many different rooms and eventually I started to notice there were more people in there with me, though no matter how hard I looked I could never see any of them, even when they were right in front of me.

Eventually, I returned to the attic door to watch it, and it wasn’t long before I heard footsteps on the other side. The corpse began banging on the little door so hard that it was cracking and breaking inwards but I woke up before it came fully off its hinges.

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