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Drug induced psychosis Dream? Please help

To add context, I dont do any drugs or take any medication, which makes this dream strange. I was at work, just like any other day waiting for customers to help out.

Then suddenly I feel a shift in my consciousness, time starts moving in slow motion, & I can feel myself slip into this drunken state. I begin to have trouble keeping balance on my feet, & my vision starts to have this low frame-rate effect.

My coworkers notice that I'm behaving slightly abnormally & get suspicious as I struggle to maintain my senses. I try to tell explain to them I'm okay & I never took anything but at that point I'm slurring my words. Later I can hear coworkers whispering amongst themselves contemplating calling police/ambulance on me.

I put a heroic effort into trying to keep my senses intact but whatever has taken ahold of my brain is slowly turning me into a mentally handicapped person. Eventually they do call for help & that's where my dream ends.

Any explanations please?

Thank you

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