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So my first post here. Well my ex and I broke up about 4 yrs ago. When we broke up she wanted to stay friends, I didn’t. I recently heard from a friend that in spite of all the problems we had in our relationship she was dating some other guy, not that she shouldn’t but when we broke up I felt that I wasn’t good enough to make us work these problems. Tonight I dreamt we were in a big house around a table. Between me and her there was this girl I am not acquainted with and her mother came up and called us to have dinner. In that scene we weren’t dating anymore, we were still friends like she wanted us too. My family and hers sat on the table with us, all acting like nothing was abnormal, however I couldn’t act naturally and felt like bursting out in tears( does it make sense, english is not my first language) then she kept acting as we were friends for a long time and as an ultimate act of rebellion I woke up. Later in the day I had a 40 minute nap and felt in heaven, I dreamt about this other friend of mine that I have a crush on and felt completely healed, even though I believe we’ll never be together. So weird to still dream about her.

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