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Dream about an old job. What’s the meaning?

I had a nightmare about a previous job last night. I was working there and having a conflict with a newly hired male employee. I’m female.

The details that I remember are that I had just returned from some sort of leave. A brief vacation or medical leave is what it felt like.

I was a store manager, which was my position from 12-13 yrs ago. The person who was my district manager then appeared. He had hired several employees without consulting me or giving me a heads up and I returned to work with a new male employee who not only challenged everything I said, but did not respect me and wanted to get me fired.

I don’t remember specific details, but there was confrontation and a power struggle. Lots of drama that I don’t remember the details of. By the end of the dream, I had gotten approval to fire said employee.

What does it mean?

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