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I had this dream a couple of weeks ago but it just keeps sticking with me, so I'm curious about interpretations or thoughts.

I dreamt I was at my parents house. And I was outside getting ready for bed in a pop-up camper we used to have. My 3-year-old daughter, my sister and my mom were with me. As we're settling down I can hear and see a small figure just around the corner of a storage shed that my parents have. I realized it's exactly my daughter's double. I tell my mom it's my daughter's changeling. She doesn't get it until the doppelganger comes around the wall and it's clearly my daughter but the pajamas are inside out. We rush into the house freaked out. The other daughter has a wrong feeling.

Then i get a phone call about my husband and i'm on the phone for a while. For the first time I can ever remember, I look at myself in a mirror in the dream. I suddenly remember my daughter is out of my sight. I find her but her pajamas are inside out. I rush outside and find my real daughter and I end up holding one on each hip. My real daughter is so dense and heavy though. It feels wrong. I woke up then. I was completely freaked out, luckily my daughter sleeps in her bed next to ours so I grabbed her hand and couldn't let go.

It still gives me chills remembering the dream. It wasn't a dream version of my parents house, it was like a memory accurate version. And the inside out PJs were what I had put my daughter in that night before bed. I'm just curious what it could mean because it feels so poignant.

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