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Could you let me know what this dream means?!

The dream starts with me and a random person (stranger) walking ( I don't remember the start) in a cold desert towards a small house near the frozen lake. While we were about just an inch from the house, a buffalo appeared and the stranger was fighting it. However, I was staying a little bit far away from the fight and was watching it thinking that I shouldn't meddle in it. Amidst their fight I saw a yak near the house, first I thought the yak would attack the stranger and Buffalo (unconsciously I hoped for it I guess) but it looked at me and I got attacked (ran over) but managed to dodge its attack by hopping on and hugging it. Suddenly, the yak spoke the human language saying that all the tricks learned from the octopus are futile. In the next scene, I tried to escape the yak by climbing onto the small house (2-sided house) and resting over the other side facing a frozen lake. However, the yak too climbed and was sitting on the front side. Then out of the house, some random person (when I try to remember the person, he/she appears as a flashlight) came onto the roof and talked to us. I don't remember any of the conversations I had with that person!

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