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Am I the only one who enjoys nightmares more than pleasant dreams?

Like, for most of my life, my dreams were what is called nightmares. The dreams always had an adventurous aspect on them and usually I would get hurt or would have to get out of a situation etc. Since I can remember, my dreams were always like I was controlling my thoughts and feelings and reactions during the dream. For instance, the other day, I dreamt about a text message being sent to me, and my reply to the dream was me answering the message, and then proceeding to freaking out, because I don't use social media anymore. I was conscious in my dream that i was dreaming and my next text was "wtf, how did you messaged me and why do i have this appon my pbone i no longer have a facebook account (in my mother tongue, not in english ). Or other times in which I am thinking of what to do and proceed on doing so. Sometimes I am also able to stop myself from waking up through the dream, but rarely the idea pops into mind because usually my dreams stop due to the alarm clock and there is nothing I can do about that:( In any case, is there a way to control the context of one-s dreams?

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