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Nightmare dream

A nightmare a dream makes a person wake up from sleep while he is in a lamentable state between suffocated and terrified of seeing the nightmare. The nightmare may be repeated, which afflicts the person in a state of constant anxiety and tension, and it is in different ways an escape, murder, pursuit, or a person who assaults him and in many different forms, which makes him think Always looking for a solution to get rid of this nightmare, and in cases where people get big problems, and after completing them, he repeats the phrase “it was a terrible nightmare,” but thank God this escaped him in reality. As for seeing the nightmare in a dream, it has many different interpretations.

nightmare dream

The difference between a dream and a nightmare

A person can differentiate between a dream and a nightmare in simple matters, the most important of which is that the dream is the one in which you are reassured and do not have fear during it or feel feelings, joy, and joy and wake up from it in comfort and reassurance and appear to the owner of the dream positive or normal condition, while the nightmare is completely opposite from its events. His heart is fast, his psychological state is bad and he tends to depression and pessimism, or feeling full of fear, exhaustion, and pain sometimes, because of his escape in a dream or falling from high places or seeing the grave or seeing the devil and everything that frightens the soul.

Interpretation of seeing a nightmare in a dream

A person's vision of a nightmare indicates problems surrounding him, insomnia, and fear of enemies.

Whoever sees in a dream nightmares related to the fear of death, indicates the dreamer’s distance from his Lord and the commission of many sins and sins.

And whoever sees in a dream a nightmare as if he is suffocating, indicates a difficult psychological period that the dreamer is going through. It may refer to a large number of nightmares and panic in a dream, to the many sins of the dreamer and his committing forbidden things that spoil his life and sleep, and he is also exhausted in his sleep, so he must beware, as these nightmares serve as a warning to him.

Interpretation of seeing a nightmare in a dream for a single woman

If she sees a single woman in a dream repeatedly, this is a sign of complex psychological matters that exhaust her and think about them a lot.

A nightmare in a single woman’s dream may indicate a lot of envy that she is exposed to in reality, and she must remember and read the Qur’an to avoid panic.

If a single woman sees in a dream someone frightening her, then this indicates the presence of a person she does not love who is stalking her and intending evil for her.

Interpretation of seeing a nightmare in a dream for a married woman

Nightmares in a married woman’s life are a sign of her anxiety, fear, and psychological conditions that are not good, so she should pay attention so that this does not affect her satisfactorily. If a married woman sees in a dream a nightmare and her voice cannot make it out, it indicates that she is carrying it beyond her capacity, fatigue and hardship.

If a married woman sees in a dream a lot of nightmares, then it is a sign of problems she is going through in her married life, which is reflected in her psychological states and puts a lot of pressure on her.

If a married woman sees in a dream someone chasing her, this is a sign that she wants to escape and stay away from problems, but there are those who prevent her.

Interpretation of seeing a nightmare in a dream for a pregnant woman

During her pregnancy, a pregnant woman goes through stages of depression known to many, and this condition may be reflected in dreams and be affected by periods of panic and anxiety. If a pregnant woman sees a nightmare in a dream, this may be a sign of her great fear, anxiety, constant fear of giving birth, dread of childbirth, and fear of death.

Interpretation of seeing a nightmare in a dream for a man

If a man sees a nightmare in a dream as if he is falling from a high place, this is a sign that he is going through problems and difficulties that he fears and causes him to worry.

The recurring nightmares in a man's life are an indication of his constant fear of failure and his constant feeling of despair and frustration. Seeing the man as a nightmare and he was imprisoned may be a sign of the lack of strength of his personality and his surrender to his whims and desires that always throw him into psychological trouble.

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