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Fire dream meaning

Seeing a burning fire in a dream foretells misfortune that befalls the seer. Scholars of dream interpretation stated that seeing fire in a dream expresses the dreamer’s psychological state and the pressures he faces in his daily life and indicates the good luck that the dreamer enjoys.

Fire dream meaning

Seeing a dream about a burning fire in a dream

If a person sees in a dream that his house is burning, this indicates that this person is trying to change many things. This indicates that he eats forbidden money or eats the rights of orphans if he sees that the fire is coming out of his palm. In front of a burning oven, this vision indicates that the dreamer has good luck.

Seeing a fire burning on the bed of a married woman

If a married woman sees in her dream that there is a large fire in front of her and a strong flame, this is evidence of a conflict between her and her husband. But when the married woman sees that there is fire in front of her, but its source is not fire, then this is a sign of the abundance of sustenance soon. If a married woman sees fire in her dream in general, the vision indicates the occurrence of Pregnancy and a new baby, and if the married woman sees in a dream that she is on fire, then this is evidence of committing sins.

Seeing a burning fire for a single woman in a dream

If a single woman sees that it is fire and her face is burned, it indicates that she is far from God and that she has committed mistakes. Seeing a single woman in her dream indicates that she will marry soon, and God knows. Seeing fire in a single woman’s dream and that the fire has burned her house indicates that her life will change for the better. Seeing the burning of the house of a single person indicates a lot. One of the positive changes in her life indicates the beginning of a new life. Burning a fire in her dream without causing any harm, denotes that she will achieve her ambition and goals.

Seeing a burning fire in a dream for a pregnant woman

Seeing fire in a dream for a pregnant woman means giving birth to a female child. The exit of the fire from the pregnant woman’s house without flame or smoke means the approaching date of difficult and easy childbirth. If the pregnant woman sees a strong fire, this indicates the birth of a male child. To extinguish it indicates that she will be exposed to a wide range of problems in her life and her severe loss of many important matters. Seeing fire also indicates the ease in childbirth and the facilitation of her complicated affairs.

Seeing a burning fire in a dream for a man

Seeing fire in a dream may be a warning sign because he commits many sins and has to stay away from them. If a man sees in a dream that the fire has ignited in the house, this indicates the spread of backbiting and gossip among the people of his house. Flame and smoke from it, this vision indicates the spread of sedition and indicates the torment of the seer by the Sultan. But if a man sees in a dream a burning part of his house, then this vision is one of the unpleasant visions, it means facing many severe difficulties in life.

Seeing extinguishing a fire in a dream

The symbols of visions and dreams take their connotations from the dreamer’s culture and society, and from his feelings towards the fire in his real life. We cannot interpret fire for a person living in a primitive society in which fire represents the cause of life. Seeing fire also indicates many different connotations and meanings that differ according to the viewer. And fire in a dream denotes one of these matters: Hell and the Fire of the Hereafter, sins, and disobedience, God’s punishment for the sinners and sinners, the jinn and Satan, for they were created from fire.

Seeing a house fire in a dream

With goodness, if a person sees in a dream that he lit fires, this indicates that he loves science, knowledge, and culture. Fire indicates abundant profit if its purpose is heating, and whoever sees in his dream a flame of fire on his house, this indicates that he will perform Hajj to the House of God.

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