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 Dreaming about money

Have you ever dreamed that you found money and thought about what might be the meaning of seeing money in a dream? There are many indications of seeing money in a dream and they differ according to the interpretations of the interpreters, and according to the state of the seer, and in this article, we will present to you some of the most famous interpretations of seeing money in a dream.

Interpretation of seeing money, money, or money in a dream

  • If you see money in a dream, then its interpretation may be:
  • It is said that finding money in a dream indicates that you will face minor problems, followed by many joys and a change of situation.
  • If you pay money in a dream, this is a bad omen, but if you find a gold coin, this foretells of many good and joys.
  • If you lose money in a dream, this foretells that you will face some inconveniences in the family environment and that your business will witness some stumbling blocks.
  • But if you count the money in a dream and find it lacking, then this is a sign that you will pay money for which you will grieve.
  • If you dreamed that you stole money, this foretells that you are in danger and that you should weigh your steps and be careful.
  • Saving money symbolizes prestige, wealth, and peace of mind.
  • If you see yourself in a dream and you are looking at a sum of money, this foretells that wealth and prestige are not far from your reach.

Interpretation of a dream about money

Whoever dreams that he threw money from his house outside, or that someone took money from him, he will get rid of worry and grief.

Money in a dream may indicate relief after hardship and sustenance, and whoever finds money or money in a dream will face minor problems followed by a lot of joy and a change of situation.

Whoever catches a gold coin in a dream indicates the generalization of goodness and pleasure.

Saving money in a dream indicates peace of mind, wealth, and prestige.

Whoever buys money will rent something.

And whoever sees a sum of money in a dream, money and wealth will approach him.

And whoever sees that he has a lot of money and that he is being borrowed, others will see him as a prominent man, but they will see that he is insensitive and a mercenary.

Money denotes gossip, quarrels, and beatings, which are evil and loud, and the penny means unbelief and fraud.

Whoever gives one the money or finds money indicates a quarrel with someone and the occurrence of strife between them.

And money in a dream expresses argument and hypocrisy.

And whoever gets money in a dream, indicates boredom and fatigue, and money in a dream indicates sadness, distress, and speech followed by grief, and money indicates bankruptcy through trials and debates between scholars.

Whoever finds a bundle of securities and a girl asks him for it means that a friend will cause him a loss in trade, that he lives far from reality, and that he spends and wastes his money without realizing it, and this is a warning to him.

And if a girl sees that she spent money borrowed, she will be caught cheating, and she will lose a valuable friend, and whoever sees money written on it the name of God has allowed himself to hear poetry like the Qur’an, and it was said that money indicates bankruptcy.

Interpretation of seeing money in a dream for a woman

The interpretations and connotations of a woman seeing money in a dream vary according to her condition:

Interpretation of seeing money in a dream for single women

When a single girl sees money in her dream, this means that she is an ambitious girl with a big dream, or that she feels confused, anxious, and insecure.

If a single girl sees paper money in her dreamt she will marry or own a valuable thing such as goldcashey or real estate.

And the single girl who takes or finds coins means that she will face many problems and difficulties with family and friends.

As for the single girl who loses a wallet of money or steals from her, this is a sign that she is wasting a lot of time and precious opportunities.

Interpretation of a dream about money for a married woman

The interpretation of seeing money for a married woman in a dream is an expression of need.

Paper money in a married woman's dream is an expression of wealth and contentment, silver money is her daughters, and gold money is her children.

If a married woman sees money on the road in her dream, then she will meet a loyal friend. And if she lost her friendship.

But if the married woman sees that her face is engraved on money, then she will be happy with money and abundant sustenance, and it was said that she will secure her future from poverty.

Interpretation of seeing money in a dream for a pregnant woman

Seeing a pregnant woman with coins in her dream means troubles and difficulties during childbirth.

If a pregnant woman sees paper money in a dream, this is a sign of a blessed birth and the fulfillment of a wish.

Silver coins in a pregnant woman's dream give birth to a girl, and gold coins mean a male child.

Interpretation of seeing different types of money in a dream

The interpretation of money varies according to its type, and the interpretation can be divided according to the following:

Paper money

Seeing paper money in a dream is good, as it is a sign of the success of a deal or a happy event such as marriage, pilgrimage, a distant return, buying a house or a car, or the birth of a male child.


 In the dream interpretation, seeing coins has different connotations as follows:

If it is seen on the hand, it indicates bankruptcy, and if it is seen on the road, it is a sign of worries and troubles.

But if a stranger gives you a lot of coins, this means that you will travel in business and you may encounter difficulties at first, but in the end, you will achieve the hope and the desired.

But if you see in your dream that you are giving coins to someone you know, this means that you are underestimating important matters, and you will get into troubles that you could have avoided.

Seeing money or money in a dream has many indications, some of which are good and some that are not good, and these interpretations differ depending on the events of the dream, the state of the seer, and the type of money.

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